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The Emoji History From The Unicode Perspective


    Emoji , if you are smartphone user and text alot using any messaging apps, i'm pretty sure you are familiar with this technology. Sending poops emoji to your friend, sending grin smiley, and many more, it makes our conversation much more lovely rather than just a plain and boring chat. But, do you know where does this thing come from? Why does it has Love Hotel, Sushi, Ramen and Japanese related stuff?

    Well back on the late 90's in Japan, Shigetaka Kurita come with a design of 172 set emoticons which is later implemented on mobile messaging service owned by NTT DoCoMo. Eventually, the other telecommunication carrier picked up the idea and develop their own set of emoji. However this create a problem, because each carrier has their own set of emoji, so it might incompatible to each other, for example, when the user send an emoji to his or her friend on the other carrier, the emoji may has a different set of rule and it might show a different emoji.

    Later, the guys from the Unicode Consortium start to implement emoji into their characters set. Unicode Consortium is an organization that help to create a standard on keyboard character we use today. They start this work on 2010 and start to include emoji with the release of Unicode 6.0 . To respect the origin of this culture, which is Japan, they preserve the already popular emoji used back then.

    It start to gain popularity worldwide with the releasing iOS 4 - the Operating System that used on Iphone. Eventhough at first it was a built-in feature just for Japanese user only, eventually Apple unlocked it and let the user around the globe to use that feature too. Then, because of its popularity, Google and Microsoft start to implement it to their Operating System too.

    So, now you know the history, let share what is your favourite emoji on the comment section below. Thanks for reading!