Hamzah Jamad

Blogger. Programmer. Technologist.

Restart - find , decide , focus.

Assalamualaikum wbt, this time i wouldn't write post about tech info, or sharing any tips regarding web design, whatsoever. This time i wanna write about what i've already done this past few years.

Now its been 6 years from my first blog post, the very reason why i start blogging is not because i love to write or type a post, but it is because i love to design / tweaking blog template. Making a beautiful blog is what makes me driven to this arena. Well it also the reason why i didnt write much. There are one blogger that i admire the most, because the simplicity of his blog design. He also one of my senior back at the high school , you may check his blog here . Unfortunately he doesn't blog anymore, but the legacy remain and for me its okay tho.

HTML , CSS , JS , Coding, Java and PHP
My passion makes me learn HTML ( the one what makes a webpage ) , CSS (this what make webpage beautiful) and JS (it make the webpage more dynamic). Sure it is hard, because i learn it all by myself using internet as my knowledge resource. However, it doesn't stop me to work hard and keep learning.

No shit. It is hard to keep the motivation high.

 After all the struggle, i move into programming world - web programming to be exact. It is different kind of world, solving problem using logic , getting user input and give them back the output. It is fun, and give me some joy (and this make me realize that i love solving problem, eventho sometimes i cant solve my own problem or sometimes i solve the problem in abstract way, but yeah i kind a like it.)

The reason i have high marks in math not because i'm clever, it's because i love the idea of solving problems.

Ad astra per Aspera.
Sure, it still long way to go before i can achive my dream, but still, i wont stop work on it. Well, what is better than a dream? If you ask me, a dream that become reality ( well nightmare doesnt count. lols ).