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Learn How To Create A Free & Simple Logo Using Method Draw

Assalamualaikum and have a good day everyone, for this post i want to share how to create a simple logo using a free app called Method Draw. It is a free online vector editing application and we can use it without installing it to our computer.

For this tutorial, let's create a logo that we can use in our blog , website or as a watermark on the photograph by using our own initial. I will use my own initial, which is HJ that stand for Hamzah Jamad, and  you may use your own initial.

Okay guys enough for introduction, lets start designing....

  1. Open up Method Draw website
  2. Change the canvas size to 400 for its height and width
  3. Change canvas color to transparent
  4. Create a square with 350 as its height and width
  5. Align it to the center of the canvas
  6. Change the color of the square to black
    1. this box represent the color inside the shape
    2. this rectangle represent color of the outline/stroke
  7. Select the black square, then try copy and paste it (you can use right click, or use ctrl + c and ctrl + v)
  8. Change the copied square size into 300 for its height and width, align it to the center, then change its color to white

  9. Now create another square by copying the second square. After that change the new square size, into 270 for its height and width. Align it to the center of the canvas.
  10. Select a type tools on the left, and start typing our initial
  11. While pressing shift button try to resize the letter, until u think the size is good enogh. After that align it to the center of the canvas
  12. Saving time!
    For a logo you may need to save it to two type of file, raster type and vector type
    • raster type is a type of image we can use directly on other image or we can directly upload to our website
    • vector type is a type of image that we can sure its quality didnt degrade even we try to resize its width and height, it also useful whenever u want to send your logo to printing shop
Thoughts on Method Draw
This webapp is very good and simple to use, however it doesnt give much functionality like the professional tools has. But, for a free webapp, it is good enough. Another thing i want to point out is, Method Draw is a fork from SVG-Edit project, so if you want more functionality, you can try this webapp.

Tips on creating a logo
  • keep it simple
  • design it uniquely
  • dont depend on trends too much, make it timeless

Well that's it guys, thanks for reading and have a nice design!.